Building a brand that stands out in today’s market takes discipline and insight, even more so in the current digital culture. Through discovery, research, and our creative expertise, we create a complete branding package that both clearly defines your business and shapes audience engagement. What we design is a direct reflection of your brand: we aim to create a custom strategy that sets you apart from the competition and drives results.

Every part of the process is strategic and, when completed, your new brand identity stands on its own, as well as sets the stage for everything to come: from your website design to your brochures and pamphlets. Let Trellis help you build a brand that matches the passion you have for your products and services.


Your logo is the "face" of your business.

Considering that a well-designed logo is a critical part of your overall marketing strategy, we’ll design a logo for your business that captures who you are today, as well as your vision for the brand in the future. The logo we create for you will give consumers an immediate sense of your brand’s DNA and a persona to which your consumers can relate.

Let us help you stand out.

Business Cards

First impressions are extremely important and business cards are the first phase of brand awareness. They are also a tangible element that you leave behind with a potential connection, providing a legitimacy to your business. Jumpstart your networking by insuring that your business card is something to be proud of.


Letterhead, Envelopes & More!

To make an impact in the market, you want your brand visible across all designs, making sure all aspects and items match accordingly. Trellis offers many print design services from letterhead to rack cards, brochures and more. These elements will make your business stand out, keeping the most important principle in mind: brand consistency.